Treu dem guten alten Brauch! - True to the good old traditions!

We are always looking for new members, especially those who have German or Austrian ancestry and who are interested in the traditions of Upper Bavaria (Southern Germany) and Austria.

We have general members, dancers, singers, Kinder, teen-agers, seniors, all ages and multi-generations of family members and cousins, and instrumentalists who play Akkordion, Zither, Hackbrett, Recorder, flute, Button box, clarinet, guitar, drums, cowbells...!

There's nothing like Bavarian dancing as an excellent way to exercise!  We do very difficult dances, like the Schuhplattler dance and intricate figure dances, called a Ländler, though some more easier dances, like the Stern Polka and occupational dances, like the Mühlradl (Miller's wheel).

Tanz Prob (dance rehearsals) are usually weekly on one Sunday afternoon and Friday or Saturday evenings.

Chor Prob (chorus rehearsals) are just about once a month and follow either a Tanz Prob or have a seperate meeting time.

Tanz Prob und Chor Prob schedule is listed in our bi-monthly Zeitung (club newsletter) which our members receive and on this website under REHEARSALS.

For a membership application, click here.